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Learn more about Sacramento area's top Pilates and Myofascial Release studio EB Studio and its instructors, including owner James Crader.



Eb Studio

Evolved Body Studio is the answer to your movement questions. Located just east of Sacramento in Gold River, CA, EB Studio is a boutique Pilates and CoreAlign / Myofascial Release / Movement Coaching studio offering private and small group movement experiences. While most studios focus on training specific exercises and addressing acute pains, EB Studio specializes in helping students address exploration strategies, movement habits, and resolving the long-standing tensions that create painful episodes within their body by facilitating behavioral changes through movement practice. EB Studio is for the attentive, thoughtfully-minded, curious student looking for fun & freedom in movement. Let owner, James Crader, create a program for you that will help to resolve pain, increase body awareness, balance, strength, and mobility, while intriguing your body to move in the right direction toward your personal goals.

I’m honored to endorse James Crader’s approach to teaching Pilates. James is joining me and other colleagues in the Pilates community who are standing on the shoulders of Joseph Pilates’ vision with a more updated, biointelligent understanding of whole body health. His vision empowers athletes to embody movements as ‘effort with ease’ giving them a cutting edge, while also providing them with a longer career in the sport they love
— Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle / 3Core Connections ® Embodied Perspective

james Crader

James Crader is considered a top health and wellness resource in the Sacramento region. His work with special populations, elite athletes, and students with Spinal Cord Injuries has been featured in numerous blogs / podcasts / magazines / and the Pilates documentary A Movement of Movement. He's a sought after Continuing Education provider, and has led workshops nationally and internationally, including at the celebrated Pilates Day Festival in Joseph Pilates' hometown in Germany. James is a CoreAlign Master Instructor and provides CoreAlign education for the Sacramento region. James' favorite students are those willing and ready to explore new ideas, movements, and experiences while learning how to work better with and within their body. 

James has nearly 18 years of experience within the physical health and wellness world ranging from traditional massage, advanced training in Thai Massage, through various lineages of Myofascial Release Therapy specifically the John F. Barnes technique. His degree in Interpersonal Communication, and studies in Linguistics, have made him a lead voice in the area of cueing and client dialogue. He has worked as a Yoga Instructor, and primal movement teacher. In Pilates James was initially comprehensively trained through Balanced Body, but has completed numerous trainings, workshops, and mentorships including a year-long Contemporary mentorship with Lizz Roman, and a two-year Classically inspired mentorship with Pilates Elder Lolita San Miguel. James is a PMA certified instructor and Balanced Body Faculty Member. Yearly James travels to study with various instructors as a good teacher should first be a good student.   


Little Dude

Little Dude found his love of movement while chasing balls and traversing the rough trails of Sacramento. He realized the benefits of Myofascial Release while healing from his own illnesses - but that's a story for another time. Often noted as the most therapeutic member of the Evolved Body team, Little Dude is the official Studio Greeter, and is frequently found sleeping next to you during classes. It's his way of reminding clients that rest is as important as action ... so wise.