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#JustMove: Facilitating a Body of Movement

Edition - McEntire Education Summit 2018

James Crader / J.Crader@EvolvedBodyStudio.com


#JustMove - It’s about creating and refining Exploration Strategies

  • Exploration Strategies challenge Movement Strategies
  • Not an advocation for flagrant drunk-driving through movement


Movement Strategies develop through:

    Mimicry / Mirroring

    Pain Avoidance

    Balance / Experience with environment

    Approval seeking / Told it was “right”

A discussion of each

  • (Mirroring): No Right Posture / Bodies are shaped and morphed by environmental experiences
  • (Pain): Leads to disembodiment -> more pain 
  • Balance: Improves with variability / (Mechanoreception) - more spindle nerve fibers than sarcomere cells
  • Right Movement: Restricts potential & quantity / Outsources ownership


Creating a Space (The Container) for Exploration -  SAFETY & SUPPORT!!

  • (Vagal Toning) - Neck & Jaw Release / Breathing Exercises / Humming
  • Meditation as observation study  (Somatic Meditation)
  • (Facilitation) - Directing vs. Question Asking / Collaboration Invitation
  • Redefining “Exercise” - The distinction between performing something & expressing embodiment / Sustainable behavioral change
    • Fitness / Health / Wellness are incidental outcomes of attentive exploration


The Goal: Discernment & Self-Regulation / Satiation / PHYSICAL THINKING


The Tool: Movement Lab


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