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Discover the different avenues by which you can explore movement and exercise with EB Studio, in Sacramento, CA. Here's where you'll find information about our Pilates classes, Pilates Private Sessions, and Pilates Duets, as well as information about how we can design a special movement experience to meet your needs, or Corporate Wellness Program.


Pilates / Movement Sessions

There is no RIGHT way to structure your Pilates practice. Some clients find they prefer to explore privately, while others enjoy the camaraderie of a group class ... still others are looking to spend more time with their friend, or partner, and prefer to book time together to learn together. So a duet is the perfect fit. You can always do a little of each! However you decide to embrace movement EB Studio is here to help guide you along the path to a happier body. 


Private Session / 55 minutes

Where do I even begin??? The answer is in a Private Session. During a Private Session an Instructor will work with a Client one-on-one to help that client not only learn Pilates exercises and Movement skills, but Pilates apparatus ins & outs, how equipemnt works, and most importantly how that client's body interacts with the equipment and environment to get the most out of each exercise. In a Private Session you're caringly advised, and we can focus on your specific limitations and expertise while moving in the direction of personal goals - fitness / pain resolution / finessing technique / or problem solving specific movement issues. Clients have full access to all the apparatus and toys within the studio, and can co-create impactful sessions specific to their goals.  Investing in a Private Session is an investment in changing your body and the way you move. The time is yours to be nurtured and guided through a unique movement experience by a knowledgable Movement Professional. 


Group Movement Experiences / 55 minutes

At EB Studio we do Group Classes a little differently. We call our classes Group Movement Experiences because these classes focus on helping you self-create better movement strategies through Mat Style movement experiences. Our classes are classified as either "Movement Raw" or "Movement Refined." Movement Raw classes focus on exploratory skills like rocking / rolling / crawling / and fun yet challenging movement explorations. Movement Refined classes stress more specific & refined movement skills and shapes, like Mat Pilates / Springboards / and Pilates Arc classes. Both styles of class will help you move into a stronger, more flexible, balanced, and evolved body. 

While not as tailored fit as a Private Session, Group Movement Experiences offer clients the opportunity to practice movement within the Pilates Studio setting more regularly at a lower price point (and who doesn't love a deal!?). You'll learn to self-monitor your technique, apply what you've learned in Private Sessions while creating your own inventive movement strategies, and meet other likeminded students on similar paths. At EB Studio we keep classes to a small intimate number to guarantee a strong repoire between clients and teacher. 

Duet Session / 55 minutes

Not quite a Private Session and yet not as saturated as Group Movement Experiences, the Duet Session is often that Goldilocks fit for some clients. Two students to one instructor equals a Pilates Duet Session. Frequently friends / husbands and wives, and other partners / or instructors looking to finesse their skills will book Duet Sessions in order to reach specific movement goals at a lower price point than a Private Session, but with much more specific attention to detail than a Group Movement Experience. This often proves to be a great option for athletes looking to explore new movement challenges with their teammate, or for getting "that friend" to try Pilates for the first time. You know ... that friend that keeps talking about needing to do something but can't quite garner the initiative to do it! Why not invite him/her to experience the movement you love so much alongside you, at a studio you trust?

Skype Session / 55 minutes

The answer is YES. It takes a very skilled, present, and nuanced Instructor, but yes, you can be taught Pilates (and Movement Coached) via online training sessions. Whether you are looking for online Pilates apparatus & mat instruction / personal or group movement coaching / or online Master Classes, EB Studio Skype Sessions provide you with the same great Private Session service you'd receive in studio at a distance. These sessions are perfect for clients living outside the greater Sacramento region, clients on the go or traveling, or given as gifts to friends and family far away. Contact EB Studio to set up your sessions today.



Not quite finding what you're looking for???

Sometimes special requirements require special resolutions. If you're not quite finding the movement experience you're looking for on the list above, contact us, and we can create an option just for you! Are you an athletic team / coach / dance educator / group coordinator looking for an educational or group experience for your organization? We gotcha ... just let us know your needs and we'll let you know how we can help. 




Wouldn't it be nice to know a few techniques that would lower anxiety and stress, relieve back tension / headaches / wrist issues (carpal tunnel and tendonitis) / and achy muscles all from the comfort of your work station? A body in motion stays in motion ... with his vast knowledge of massage / movement techniques, and education in Interpersonal Communication, owner James Crader, can design and help implement a Corporate Wellness Program that addresses your specific workforce's needs and reduces the incidences of body fatigue / mental stress / and repetitive use injuries that often lead to employee dissatisfaction and excess medical leave. Wellness Programs aren't just for the office anymore. More frequently salons / restaurants & bars / and classrooms are bringing in Movement Professionals to educate employees on good movement mechanics / at home & on the job self-care / and teach exercises to keep workers happy and healthy.  Contact EB Studio to get the ball rolling on your workforce's path to optimal wellness.