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Frequently asked questions

How Do I get started?

Starting is easy! Contact EB Studio and we'll help you decide if you should start with Movement or Myofascial Release sessions, or a combo of both. If you’d like to meet in person to talk about your unique history and see the studio live we’d love to book a Consultation for you. For more information check out the Services page where we go into a little more detail about what is Pilates & Myofascial Release, and suggest some good links to explore the topics in greater depth.

EB Studio suggests all new students start with at least one Private Pilates Session and/or a Myofascial Release Session.


Isn't Pilates Just for dancers?

Pilates is for every BODY: Him, Her, S/he, They, and beyond. Joseph Pilates intended for everyone to be doing Pilates daily. It wasn't until Mr. Pilates opened a studio in NYC, close to the Ballet, that his Method became synonymous with dancers. There's no need to be flexible or lean before coming to class ... in class you'll learn how to balance strength and flexibility throughout your body.


Alright, but only Ladies do pilates ... right!?

Pilates was created by a man, Joe PIlates, and his first students were men. The Method draws inspiration from calisthenics / boxing / swimming / gymnastics / animal movement / and Yoga ... none of which are innately "womanly" movements. True to form women were early adopters of the Pilates Method, but now that numerous NFL / NBA / MLB / Olympians are doing Pilates daily, dudes are catching on.


What is movement coaching

While Pilates is a wonderful exercise method, James Crader's passion is exploration of movement. Movement Coaching can look many ways: Coaching clients how to work best at desks / Finessing Yoga technique, or sport specific skills / Working with a client's gait / Teaching foundational movement skills like rolling, rocking, crawling / Problem solving post-surgical movement strategies / Advising foot self-care / or just talking Movement Philosophy / etc.


Why did my doctor recommend doing pilates?

The medical community has realized the numerous health benefits of simply moving your body. When recommending movement to patients, Doctors, will look at what is the most safe, yet beneficial, method available. Pilates is often a top choice as fully certified and comprehensively trained Pilates Instructors go through rigorous training, have hundreds of practicum hours, and know which exercises will help you strengthen what needs to be strengthened and relax what needs to relax. Simply put - we're trusted!


 Will Pilates FIX Me?

The short answer is Yes … No … Maybe … Who Knows … What’s That Even Mean?!?! The idea that your body needs to be “fixed” assumes there’s something wrong with it in the first place. Modern science is distinguishing more and more that often our ailments are not the result of things that are broken, or in need of fixing, but rather that we are unpracticed at movement and unable to distinguish and tolerate sensation in our body. Pilates, and Movement in general, WILL certainly help you practice a wide spectrum of thoughtful movement while exploring sensations safely. EB Studio and its teachers are particularly adept at helping students explore the nuances of sensation and feeling while also empathetically challenging their movement capabilities. We work you out hard, but with a smile!


Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately both Pilates and Myofascial Release treatment services at EB Studio are not covered by standard medical insurance. Many students utilize their Health Savings Account dollars to pay for Myofascial Services, and EB Studio can certainly provide you with a receipt you may turn in to your insurance for possible partial reimbursement. To utilize HSA & FSA dollars consult your insurance - often a prescription is necessary including frequency and duration.


I've been rolfed before. how is myofascial release different?

Rolfing is a manual therapy technique created by Dr. Ida Rolf. While it does work directly on fascial connective tissue, like Myofascial Release, more current research has shown that fascia "releases" and restructures better through a softer, gentler, more sustained touch than you'd typical find in a Rolfing session, but would definitely find in MFR Treatments. As well, Myofascial Release sessions are case specific. Each session can be completely different from the last ... or the same ... depending upon what's needed. Rolfing sessions are often structured so that both you and I would receive similar treatments contrary to dissimilar symptoms. There's no right way to heal. If Rolfing is working for you stay and continue the work. If you've tried Rolfing / Deep Tissue / Bowen / ... and are still looking, then MFR may be a good solution.


When will i see results?

Pilates: Joseph Pilates said, In 10 sessions you'll feel different, in 20 sessions you'll look different, and in 30 sessions you'll have a completely new body. We take that to mean that in a few sessions you'll begin to feel how to make shifts in the way you move ... in a few more sessions you'll feel and look different as you move ... and finally those new changes and movements will become unconscious and you'll BE different. The length of time really depends on how frequently you practice (both in studio and at home), and how intent you are on practicing thoughtfully, and with the willingness and readiness to change.

Myofascial Release: Often after the first session clients remark on a shift in the way they feel /move / and perceive their body. Depending on the state of your fascia remarkable change can be seen in as little as a few sessions or it may take months of weekly care, and upkeep.


What's CoreAlign?

CoreAlign is an exercise machine, and series of exercises utilizing the machine, designed by Physical Therapist Jonathan Hoffman. Clients often find the exercises challenging yet engaging ... and often addictive. You can find out more here.


How can we book james crader for a workshop?

James Crader is available for workshops and guest teaching both nationally and internationally. Contact James through this website or call @ 1.916.296.5066


What to wear? what to wear?

Pilates: Comfortable athletic wear. Shoes are not worn in classes, but some clients feel more comfortable wearing grippy/textured bottom socks while using the equipment (e.g., ToeSox).

Myofascial Release: MFR is performed partially clothed. For women please wear a modest bra and underwear (sports bras work well) / and men please wear modest underwear. Often clients feel comfortable wearing a loose fitting tank or loose shorts (basketball / running type) at the beginning of their session. MFR cannot be performed well over clothing, so the more skin your Therapist has access to the more beneficial your session will be. ** Please refrain from wearing body lotion the day of appointment.

*** EB Studio is a synthetic fragrance free space. Please refrain from applying perfume/cologne before your sessions. Essential Oils are acceptable and welcomed.


How do i register?

To register for Private Sessions / Classes / Myofascial Release visit here.


What's the studio's cancellation & refund policies?

EB Studio requires a minimum of 24hr notice to early cancel any session / class / workshop (unless otherwise specifically noted). Cancellations made within less than 24hr of scheduled appointment time may be subject to a cancellation fee equal to price of scheduled appointment. EB Studio does NOT offer refunds for unused services & packages due to change of mind, illness, injury, missed appointments, or other. EB Studio refunds for studio credit only, and refunds are at the discretion of EB Studio and owner, James Crader..


WEbsite mission and credits

It was EB Studio's intention to picture non-instructors with various physical builds and features throughout the website, photographed photo-journalistically (no edits) locally in the Sacramento region with the theme of celebrating bodies in motion & rest. It's the studio's belief that what goes on in the studio is designed to support your life outside the studio. EB Studio strives to project that every BODY is a Pilates body. The photos within each gallery will shift regularly to further explore the topics of movement and rest. All website design / content / media are credited to James Crader. James is available for website / media / branding consulting.