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Evolved Body Studio, Sacramento, CA, is proud to continue to offer special and specific Pilates programming for students with special needs like Spinal Cord Injuries / MS / Parkinson's / Polytraumas / Traumatic Brain Injuries / and more. Additionally we'd like to invite Pilates teachers and students alike to join us in promoting social and personal change through Pilates using #PilatesWithPurpose. View our website to learn more. 


Pilates with Purpose

What began as a conviction that Pilates is for every BODY, has transformed into a movement of movement ... what can YOUR Pilates do for another BODY. Over the last several years EB Studio, and owner James Crader, have offered donated & reduced cost sessions to many students and organizations in an effort to expose more people to the benefits of mindful movement. Throughout this page you'll find testimonials from students with special needs ranging from Spinal Cord Injuries / MS / Parkinson's / Traumatic Brain Injuries and more. Proof that every body is a Pilates body. EB Studio is proud to continue to offer unique and special programming for our students with special needs.

Our new mission is a call to action: #PilatesWithPurpose asks teachers and students alike to move beyond themselves, and ask, "What can my love of Pilates do for someone else?" It's our goal to help promote / educate about / and raise money for various projects & persons simply using our passion. When wondering where to start ... what social or personal change you might make ... start with what you love & move outward from there.

Getting involved is simple - help fund / promote / donate time to / offer classes / or just be present with a project, and share it using #PilatesWithPurpose. It's less about promotion and more about your passion for MOVEMENT. Your Pilates practice has done so much for you ... it's time to share the gift.

   Trust. That is what it boils down to for me when working with any therapist, or instructor. As a quadriplegic, I need to have trust in my trainer to not only have the knowledge to work with my inhibited body but also the trust to be hands on with my body in some precarious positions. In working with James, at Evolved Body Studio, I know that I am in trustworthy hands. I think you would be hard-pressed to find a client of James' that would not rave about his knowledge of the human body and how it was designed to move. What most clients probably do not experience is the trust that I have established with James to get very up-close-and-personal by physically interacting with my body. There are literally moments where my life is in his hands, and I have the utmost trust in him.
~ Lane Edwards / LovingLane.org
   Of the many trainers I've worked with during my last three years of spinal cord injury recovery, I have never met one as ready to problem-solve with me as James. Finding a way to connect through partial muscle paralysis is a daunting task even for experienced neuro-therapists, and James was prepared from the beginning to apply his varied wealth of movement understanding toward my specific goals. I am always impressed with his attentiveness and particularly how willing he is to listen to what has worked well for me in the past and build from it. That ability to set aside ego is a rare gift, and just one of many qualities that set James apart.  
~ Theo St. Francis / TheOvercoming.org
   Working out with James has been such an incredible experience. I am a client with a spinal cord injury (SCI) and James has been able to help me strengthen my entire body with his ability to think outside the box, be creative, and open to new ideas, methods, and exercises. His constant need to learn more and expose himself to different techniques and practices have helped me improve more than what I was expected to medically by finding new ways for me to connect to parts of my body I couldn't before and helping me strengthen my core. I encourage everyone, especially those with an SCI, to try Pilates and contact Evolved Body if you're in the area!  
~ Aya Aghabi


   I walked into Evolved Body in pain, feeling isolated and alone, and in fear of my own body. Seven months prior to meeting James Crader I had a crushing Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) that left me paralyzed from the waist down. Being an Occupational Therapist I dove right into therapy believing it was what was going to "fix" me. After months of intense therapy I was told I would be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Not willing to accept this, I started searching for someone, or something that could help me heal and find myself again. 
   I spoke with many experienced Pilates practitioners, but was refused by all because of the rareness of my diagnosis, and the unknown that came with it. That is, until I found James (queue the hallelujah choir, for reals!). Before I had met James I had already decided that if he turned me down everyone must have been right, and I would have to stifle the screaming from inside that wanted more, and knew healing was possible. He was my last hope.
   The day we met I decided to leave my wheelchair and crutches in the car and somehow I made it into his studio without falling. I was impressed with the cleanliness and orderliness of the studio, and the feeling of safety and warmth as I began to speak with James. Within the first 20 minutes I knew there was something very RIGHT about what I was about to embark upon. James worked with me tirelessly three times a week for over a year. He always gave me 100% and even on my bad days expected me to meet him with 100% effort. James taught me how to listen to my body again, he taught me how to work cooperatively with my body and not fight against it. It was when I was finally able to live spiritually, mentally, and physically inside my own body again that true healing began. We have laughed until we cried, we have cried until we laughed, but James never once lost hope, and never once made me feel alone. He bravely accepted the challenge that was ME and walked the unknown path of recovery with me. His insatiable curiosity, eagerness to learn, and ability to see things differently than the "average" person makes him by far the most talented movement therapist I have ever known.  
~ Naomi Manning


   As a Pilates Instructor I found James Crader's workshop 'Improbable Not Impossible Movement' on Spinal Cord Injuries relevant and informative. Following James' presentation on protocols for SCI clients, he then provided a live demonstration with a current client and a tutorial on how he navigates the session process with use of his extensive educational background in anatomy, biomechanics theory, massage, and Pilates. 
   The relevancy was applicable to me in two ways; first I have a 22 year old son who recently became paralyzed due to a traumatic spinal cord injury (a bleed in a cavernous malformation @ T12), and secondly as a dual certiified Yoga and Pilates Instructor and how I could be a liaison of this info for my clientele. I found every piece of information as a trusted source of groundbreaking thinking. 
   After the workshop I was fortunate enough to bring James to my studio, Sukha, in Modesto, to work one-on-one with our son, Conner. Upon learning of Conner's history (a college football player with avid athleticism) James patiently worked through a program that I could adapt and apply to my working sessions with my son. The profound and intuitive approach I observed has had a rippling effect on me as a teacher. I have utilized the invaluable information and techniques I observed with many of my clients since meeting with James. Without hesitation I would proudly direct any person to James Crader of Evolved Body Studio, and know that they will get the finest and most intellectual level of care from this critical thinker.  
~ Michaela Purnell / Owner Sukha