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Movement University is an Instagram Account, and Movement Blog, focusing on both the biomechanics and somatic experience of movement. Move.U. looks to celebrate the nuances of movement and rest alike.



Often in the fitness world we hear this style is better than that, or this will help you but that will hurt you. Movement University started as a project to help clients understand that there is no poor movement just movement done poorly. Project Move.U. is an Instagram account, a blog, and soon to be classes and workshops designed to help clients, and teachers alike, discover and explore the nuances of movement through both a functional anatomy and somatic lens, all with a playful spirit and the message: just get out and MOVE!

Goal-itis: An Infection of Intention

What if the goal wasn’t to get better at an exercise, or halt this or that pain, or experience a history lesson on who use to say what cue, but instead the goal became for your client to really be honest about their body, their movement experiences, and their relationship to their environment (what they’re avoiding or overusing), while looking for and experiencing new ways of moving freely.

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