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Discover and explore the services offered at Evolved Body Studio in Gold River, CA, just outside of Sacramento. Whether you're interested in Pilates / Myofascial Release / or Movement Coaching we have you covered. EB Studio offers Private and Group classes and sessions, as well as Skype and Workshop movement explorations.



Movement Coaching

“Nothing happens until something moves.”

A. Einstein

What looks a lot like exercise and self-care are really mini-masterclasses in how to enjoy your body, its movement capabilities, and the freedom of self-expression that comes from investing in a quality movement practice.

At EB Studio we draw upon our many years of movement and massage trainings to help you discern and create the movement patterns you are most interested in exploring. The work is deeply informed by the Pilates Method, Somatics, BodyMindCentering, Primal Movements, Motor Development, Creative Play, and Humanistic Psychology. Movement Coaching is a great stand alone practice and the perfect adjunct to the exercises and explorations you’re already participating and finding value in. It’s appropriate for amateurs to athletes, and all in between. We don’t teach tricks and poses, we help you discover and invest in skills and explorations that will help you enjoy movement and life just a little more.


Private Movement Session: as low as $90/session

Semi-Private Movement Session: as low as $50/session

Online Session: as low as $90/session

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To learn more about our inspirations visit:

Body-Mind Centering

Pilates Anytime (use code:CRADER for free 30 Day trial) 

A fun video on the History of Pilates

 ** Refunds for studio credit only

Myofascial Release 

"The medical approach is to drug patients so they temporarily are free from pain, but does nothing about the 'straight-jacket' of pressure that is causing the pain." ~ John F. Barnes

Myofascial Release is a safe and effective hands-on technique designed to reduce pain and restore motion by applying gentle and sustained pressure to the restrictions within the greater web of Myofascial connective tissue. Simply put MFR is a form of body work that directly addresses the body's connective tissue (ligaments / tendons / tissue surrounding bones, muscles, nerves / etc) as a means to diminish and eliminate pain symptoms, restore mental calm, healthy muscle and nerve function, create awareness of self and space, and allow the body to glide and move with greater ease while self-healing. Massage Therapist, James Crader's, technique is heavily influenced by the John F. Barnes technique, but also draws upon his experience as a Thai Massage Therapist and somatic student. Often clients comment that the touch used in MFR treatments is exactly what their body has been asking for and craving, but they haven't had the words nor been able to articulate the needs of their body, and are glad to find there is a treatment that addresses these needs so directly. If you've tried other massage modalities but are left with the same symptom, aches, pains and empty feel, why not try something new? Why not try Myofascial Release Therapy? 


$95 / 55 minute session

$135 / 85 minute session


To learn more about Myofascial Release and fascia visit:

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** Refunds for studio credit only